Reconsideration of veto fails

Brian Voss

In a meeting that exceeded seven hours, the GSB Senate upheld a veto by President Spencer Hughes to not fund the ethical eating club.

In his veto statement Hughes said, “the bill obviously violates GSB law.” He cited priorities and criteria which states “All student organizations requesting funds are required to show a source of income equivalent to a dollar amount equal to $5 per member per semester.” Matthew Anzis, president of the ethical eating club, requested reconsideration on the bill but did say he believed the veto was valid.

“In the bylaws…basically it says, like, we need to have, we need to charge dues, or have some sort of fundraising equivalent to five dollars per person per semester,” Anzis said.

Anzis said he was led to believe the funding was fairly trivial.

”The very fact that there was like a half hour debate….I think that very point that kind of shows that there’s a problem with it that it was just a small $60 matter, there can be so much debate over it. I think that that kind of shows that maybe there’s some problem with your bylaws,” Anzis said.

Vice Speaker Barry Snell said debating the veto at this point in time was a waste of time, since the funding did not necessarily have to be done this semester.

“Matt here has told that he is going to do this flyer distribution in the spring,” Snell said.

Snell later specified saying the GSB Senate was wasting the time of the ethical eating club, not the other way around.

“You are free to come here at any time you want and say here’s what I want, so don’t feel like you’re imposing on us. The fact that we have to be here to defend this, we’re imposing on your time,” Snell said.

A plethora of bills were debated and acted on, including one dealing with the current GSB listserv usage policy.

The bill sought to keep the usage of the GSB listserv to be used only for GSB internal business.

Sen. Evelyn Ward saw the bill as unnecessary.

“If there was an issue, if someone was sending out a mass email to GSB regarding porn… something inappropriate, then that can be addressed on an individual basis,” Ward said.

Sen. Zach Bauer said the bill was too vague, and also commented on the amount of time it took to debate the bill.

“We’ve been debating this for 20 minutes, and if you are to compare that to three seconds it takes to delete an email I could have deleted 400 emails in our time that we’ve been debating this,” Bauer said.

The bill would eventually fail.

In other GSB action, bills funding Campaign College and Up ‘Til Dawn’ were passed.

Other bills passed included Amending Bill Referral Process, Clarifying GSB Constitution/Bylaw Supremacy, Amending Disciplinary Regulations for Constituency Council Attendance, and Correcting Oversights in the Recent Executive Compensation Bill.

A resolution was passed by a vote of 30-1-1 that encourages the ground floor of the proposed Kingland Systems building in Campustown to remain retail for an indefinite amount of time.