3OH!3 at Wooly’s

Celeste Welshhons

3OH!3 will be performing at Wooly’s in Des Moines on November 1, 2013 accompanied by The Summer Set, Wallpaper, and New Beat Fund.

3OH!3, named after the area code in their home town of Boulder, Colorado, has only two members; Nathaniel “Nat” Motte and Sean Foreman.

Nat Motte, Co-Writer and Producer of all of 3OH!3’s music, started out playing guitar and transitioned into a DJ around age 18. He began producing music shortly thereafter and “just kind of compiled it all.”

Motte was accepted into medical school in 2007 which meant a decision had to be made.

“It was a very tough decision. We were about halfway through Warped Tour and it (music) was a hobby that kind of became a career. It’s an addicting feeling,” said Motte

Needless to say, Motte chose music over medicine.

3OH!3 has been a part of an array of different tours including Warped Tour, the Alternative Press Tour, and now Journeys Noise Tour.

“On all of the tours, the comradery is great. We all wanna put on a good show, have fun, and party,” Motte commented.

On this tour, the band will be playing an array of songs with at least one special addition.

“We try to really spread it out. There will be songs from all of our records,” stated Motte. “We also did this collaboration song with all of the bands on the tour, and we’ve been playing that every night.”

Aside from 3OH!3, Nat Motte has written and/or produced songs for an array of other musicians including Jeffree Star, Shape Shifters, and Lil Jon. Most recently, he co-wrote Maroon 5’s latest hit “Love Somebody.”

With all of this writing, there must be great inspiration.

“For me it’s a craft as well as being an art (songwriting). Everything just comes out during the writing process,” continued Motte. “It’s less overt, and more of a sit down and figure it out thing.”

With their latest album, Omens, coming out earlier this year, Motte and Foreman are “focusing on the tour.”

“A new album is yet to be determined, but I’m sure there will be new music in 2014,” added Motte.

As for the future of 3OH!3, “I don’t really know,” said Motte. “We’ll always be touring!”