Local baker’s goodies adds dimension to North Grand Mall

Susie Q’s Goodies, a restaurant offering everything from homemade pies and cheesecake to sandwiches and salads has recently opened up in Ames’s North Grand Mall.  

                Susie Q’s is owned by Shelley King. King said that opening the shop is a dream for her.

                “It’s sort of a dream that I’ve chased for years, and so, finally I thought well, why not go out doing something I really love to do,” King said.

                King began selling in baking shows at the mall in May. According to North Grand Mall General Manager Lori Bosley, King’s product should very well.

                “Our leasing team collaborated with Shelley and together determined that opening a store was a great way to grow her business,” Bosley said.

                King was encouraged to open a shop inside the mall, and that was when Susie Q’s became a reality.

                “I originally was just going to be a little kiosk in the middle of the mall and sell out of that. But for some reason, somehow it grew, and the mall worked with me and they were amazing, and they suggested I try to use this as a retailing store,” King said.

                King also says that the prices of her product are reasonable.

                “From the response I’m getting from people [the prices are] extremely reasonable. Very, very reasonable,” King said. “I think some people think I’m underpriced on some items.”

                Iowa State’s growing student enrollment plays a role both for King and for the North Grand Mall. Bosley is excited about Iowa State’s growing enrollment.

                “It’s a win-win for the entire Ames community,” Bosley said.  

                King’s interest in baking began when she was a young girl and would bake with her grandma.

                “I’ve always baked from very young. I used to love baking with my grandma, and then when I had my own family I did a lot of baking.”

                Eventually King began baking not just for her family, but also for friends, friends of friends, and eventually for farmers markets.

                “I would bake baskets full of goodies, and candies, and cookies, and breads.”

                King sees the store as a place to help her in retirement.

                “I would like to be here to retire. This would be something that would help my retirement in the future,” King said.

                King’s store is located on the south side of the mall, next to North Grand 5 Theater.