Bars on Welch prep for Veishea


Photo: Zoe Woods/Iowa State Daily

Cy’s Roost prepares for the many people expected to fill the bar during Veishea week. Jon Weekley, manager of Cy’s Roost, is excited and ready for the fun to begin.

Zoe Woods

Veishea has been a part of Iowa State’s history since 1922, and because Veishea does not allow alcohol consumption on campus, some partiers quench their thirst on Welch Avenue.

Many bars on Welch are preparing for the big celebration that has taken place for many years. The preparation and excitement have risen in anticipation for the week long event.

“Veishea is our one week where we just expect pretty much all of the college aged kids in Iowa to be here. We expect every single bar on Welch to be packed and busy,” said Jasenn Greiner, manager of Sips.

For Sips, Veishea is something that helps make their business thrive, along with many other bars along Welch.

“It is a high-intensity, long work week. Even bar hours are extended, especially on the weekends. Like, we are open an extra three hours on Friday and six or seven hours on Saturday,” Greiner said.

Just like Sips, Cy’s Roost also benefits from all of the action during Veishea.

“Veishea is kind of one of the things we look forward to because we know that we are going to get an influx in business and we are all put to the test,” said Jon Weekley, manager of Cy’s Roost.

“[Veishea] brings in many people, because there is so many people from around Iowa State coming in for Veishea itself … it provides a fun time for everyone throughout the day.”

Veishea is also a time for friends to catch up on old times and revisit the past.

“There is a lot of alumni coming back that went to Cy’s Roost when they were in school. They come back to Cy’s and see how it has changed and they interact with the bartenders and talk about how it was when they were here,” Weekley said.

Bars like Cafe Mood and the Cave are also prepping for the exciting week to come.

“Veishea is the highlight of the [spring] semester for bar businesses. We are busy on a normal weekend at 11 p.m. and during Veishea we are busy at 8 p.m.,” said Amber Forbes, manager for Cafe Mood and the Cave.

To make sure that the bars on Welch are ready for whatever may happen during Veishea, more alcohol is brought in to satisfy the demand people may have.

“We usually bring in more alcohol just in case we need backup or run out of anything,” Brookhart said.

Mickey’s isn’t the only bar that has to prepare for the masses of people expected to roam Welch.

“To be able to serve everyone and to have the proper alcohol selection for those extended hours, the amount of alcohol that we’ll sell is expected to go up,” Greiner said.

Veishea is the perfect time for the bars on Welch Avenue to prove themselves and get as many customers as possible.

“Being here and having the high intensity, and the amount of people that come through the door is like ‘controlled chaos,’ that’s how I like to put it. It’s just trying to maintain peace in a fun environment for everyone.” Greiner said.

Veishea will officially start April 15, 2013 and continue through April 21.