Multicultural Greek Council profiles: Sigma Lambda Gamma


Image Courtesy of Somerle Rhiner

Sigma Lambda Gamma is a historically latina-based sorority and is part of the Multicultural Greek Council at Iowa State.

Samantha Mori

Sigma Lambda Gamma is a historically Latina-based sorority. It has multicultural membership and is part of the Iowa State Multicultural Greek Council.

Somerle Rhiner, the chapter’s president and a senior majoring in sociology, answered questions from the Daily.

When and how was your organization founded at Iowa State? 

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc. was founded on April 11, 1992.

Where does the organization meet on a regular basis if it does?

Sigma Lambda Gamma meets about once a week or more if needed. Our locations vary depending on what we are meeting about. However, it’s always on campus.

What, if any, traditions does your organization hold? And how did they originate?

Sigma Lambda Gamma holds a tradition of Charity Bowl between our brother fraternity, Sigma Lambda Beta. This tradition is a philanthropy event, and we get our organizations together to do a bowling tournament.

I’m not sure about the history of this event. Another tradition that we hold is Rent-A-Puppy; it’s where individuals can rent a puppy for a selected amount of time! This was started by our alumna Amanda Chung. Another tradition that we hold is The Cure, which is about bringing awareness of Epilepsy; it’s a silent auction that is co-hosted with Lambda Theta Phi. This originated by our alumna Flor Lizette Hoffman.

What acts of philanthropy does your organization partake in?

Those are our acts of Philanthropy, plus Breast Cancer Awareness and TRiO.

What are the values/pillars of your organization?

The values of women apart of Sigma Lambda Gamma are Cultural Awareness, Social Interaction, Academics, Community Service and Morals and Ethics.

Why should students join?

The reason that individuals should join Sigma Lambda Gamma is that we are the most diverse sorority on campus! We have created a safe space for individuals that identify as women to have a sense of community and strive for excellence since 1992. 

What does that process entail?

The process starts with recruitment week which starts at the beginning of the semester! Recruitment week would be on our Instagram @iowastategammas. After that, we have a round of interviews and start our education process.