A guys night in

Mark Specht

Every guy has their own idea of what a great night in with friends looks like. For college guys a common night with friends might consist of pizza, soda (or beer if your 21), and video games. However, it doesn’t take much extra effort to turn the average guys night in into a much more memorable one.

Find more activities

For men who live on campus or in a fraternity it can be easy to forget about the ping-pong, foosball, and pool tables that we have available to us, don’t forget to add those to your list of possible things to do.

Another great option is board games, newer games like Settlers of Catan, or a more classic game like Monopoly.

Last but not least, video games can’t be counted out as a great way to spend time with friends, COD, Halo, and just about any sports game are great for groups.

Be competitive

Men usually build their relationships through doing activities with each other: working out, going to a football game, or competing against one another.

To make your guys night more memorable try having a round robin tournament involving the different activities that you have available to you. For example you can break up your friends into teams of two or three and play pool, ping-pong, and a video game (for round robin tournaments a game like Super Smash Brothers may be a good choice if you have it).

Each event will have a team champion, and with that will come bragging rights and calls for a rematch.

Finish the night relaxing

To end the night, return to the familiar. Order a pizza, break out the chips and salsa, turn on the game, put in a movie, or keep playing video games. After all, a great thing about hanging out with friends is just having time to relax, so be sure to make it a part of your plans.