Ames hosts plenty of new businesses to start the new year

Alexander Furman

In recent months the city of Ames has seen great expansion for not only small businesses but agricultural and animal studies as well, seen by the new Ames Laboratory on campus and the Solum Technology soil testing site here in Ames that started in August.

Many new businesses have reported wanting to come to Ames because of the small business oriented culture and the fact that business opportunities are growing.

Currently, new businesses including Dunkin’ Donuts and Chipotle are scheduled to open soon; Chipotle will take over the old Sprint store located on the corner of Fifth Street and South Duff, and Dunkin’ Donuts will take the spot of the old Taco Bell located on the corner of Lincoln way and South Sheldon Avenue.

Val Uporoff, contractor for the new Chipotle franchise, has stated he gave over the keys two days ago, with the opening of the store coming soon.

Construction for the new Dunkin’ Donuts shop started back in October of last year, and has not yet released when they will be opening.

New stores to be featured in North Grand Mall include the TJ Maxx’s and Kohl’s. Kohl’s will have its’ own standalone building just south of the actual mall, and TJ Maxx will be within the mall. Brittany Welch, Public Relations Supervisor for the TJX Companies, has stated that the store will be coming sometime this spring, with no tentative date set up yet.

A Taco Bell has been in the planning with the Ames Chamber of Commerce and has plans to erect the building at 621 South Duff Avenue. It’s reported that this was the site of an old restaurant and miniature golf course.

Power Full Nutrition, located at 130 Main Street, opened their doors December 17th of last year. Still fairly new, two of the five owners have reported that business is steadily growing on track, and they have aspirations of expanding their store upstairs to include “Zumba like” classes. The shop provides supplements that range from children health supplements, “core” nutrients, and features sports line packages for athletes.

Joe’s Pizza and Pasta opened their doors last October. Being only a few months old, Owner Ristem “Joe” Dika stated a few weeks ago that business hasn’t been a problem. He was wary that the restaurant might become “too big.”