Freshmen Council puts on sixth annual Jingle Jog


Photo: William Deaton/Iowa State

A runner’s shoe is equipped with bells for the Jingle Jog. The 5k is breaking records this year with a high number of participants, as well as money earned.

Kari Paige

The Andy Albright Jingle Jog, is breaking records this year, both in the amount of money raised as well as the number of runners.

The 2012 Andy Albright Jingle Jog will mark a six-year tradition at Iowa State. The 5k fun run is organized each year by the Freshmen Council in memory of a past council leader, Andy Albright, who died in an automobile accident in 2005.

The Jingle Jog is a 5k race. Upon entering, runners receive a long-sleeved red shirt, a bag of coupons to various places in Ames, and a set of bells to attach to their shoes. The entry fees are $20 and will be accepted through cash or credit card, or the cost may be applied to the runner’s U-Bill.

Registration and check-in begins at 4 p.m., Friday, Nov. 30, and goes until 5:45 p.m. in the Multicultural Center in the Memorial Union. The race will begin at 6 p.m. in front of the Memorial Union.

Before the Jog, a costume contest for the greatest holiday-themed runner will be awarded, and students have the option to write letters to soldiers and make crafts. Veishea will have an informational booth set up, and the Council will show a Gangnam Style parody called “Freshmen Council Style.”

Michael Hoefer, president of the Freshmen Council, explained that integrating the Jingle Jog as part of WinterFest this year allows the Council to provide the activities and have better decorations.

Ashley Fall, special events co-chair for Freshmen Council, said due to a great group effort, the participation in the jog went from around 400 runners last year to around 700 runners this year.

“It’s going for a great cause,” Fall said. “Everyone on Freshmen Council has devoted their time and effort to it.”

Hoefer said the amount of money was also a record breaker. 

Hoefer shared, “Last year we raised $5,700. This year, we are on pace to raise over $10,000.”

Hoefer said that is more than twice the amount of money in the past. All registration fees will go toward the Andy Albright Scholarship of $1,000. The student winning the scholarship will be a freshman that the Council believes demonstrates great leadership and is most deserving of the award.

Fall explained Andy Albright had been involved with a lot of things.

“He showed great personality, work ethic — that’s kind of who we stand for and who we want to represent.”

Donations are being accepted for the scholarship and are accepted through cash or check. Checks can be made out to the Freshmen Council and dropped off at the West Student Office Space in the Memorial Union.

Hoefer was first encouraged to apply to the Freshmen Council during his freshman year at Iowa State. Beginning as a regular committee member, Hoefer went on to become president of the Council in November 2011.

“The biggest thing about Freshmen Council is that it really prepares the freshman class to become the leaders of Iowa State in the future. A lot of Freshmen Council members will go on to be GSB leaders, leaders in Dance Marathon; we’ve had people that have gone on to be the Student Representatives for the Board of Regents. It’s a really great way to develop leadership skills, and get a good start,” Hoefer explained.

Fall applied to be on the fundraising committee during her freshmen year.

“I absolutely love Freshmen Council,” Fall said. “It has opened me up to so many different opportunities, and after my freshman year, I knew I wanted to continue and do more for Freshmen Council as a whole. I applied to be a co-chair, and at that time, we had applicants for the brand-new committee of special events.”

The members of the Special Events Committee facilitate a spring event and the annual Jingle Jog.

The Executive Board oversees eight committees on the Freshmen Council: Education, Fundraising, Philanthropy, Publicity, Recruitment, Social, Social Justice and Special Events.

Hoefer estimates the council to include approximately 110 students, and each has had some sort of involvement with the Jingle Jog. Any year and any major is welcome on the Freshmen Council.