Major Fair open to all

Elizabeth Polsdofer

Students who are open option or want to change their major are welcome to attend the Major Fair in the Memorial Union on Monday, Oct. 8. Representatives of over 100 majors will be in the Great Hall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to answer questions about majors and career paths.

Iowa State’s webpage for open option students said 20 percent of students come to Iowa State as open option, but half of these students choose a major after their second semester at Iowa State and 90 percent choose a major after their third semester. Open option is a great way for students who have a variety of interests to take different classes until they find an area of concentration that best fits them.

The Major Fair is sponsored by Student Counseling Services, which offers a variety of options for students who are unsure about their future after Iowa State. SCS offers a class specifically for students to plan their academic future and life after Iowa State called LAS 104: Personal Career Development. The purpose of the class, according to the SCS website, is to “identify and research college majors and occupations that fit with your personal characteristics … to understand a model for making decisions about careers and majors that can be applied throughout life … to become an active participant in your career decision-making process.”

The Major Fair is open to everyone and is free of charge.