Kum & Go buys Battle’s BBQ


Photo: Andrew Clawson/Iowa State Daily

Battle’s Barbeque brings southern barbeque flavors to Campustown.

Kari Paige

Battle’s Bar-B-Q and Campustown Liquor have been servicing the people of Ames for many years, but Kum & Go has bought the building the two businesses currently reside. The two businesses are left waiting to see what is to come for the building.


Rich Parizek, General Manager of Campustown Liquor said: “Rumor has it, they’re going to buy a super Kum & Go. I’ve heard they’re going to expand their liquor and make it a bigger version of that across the street.”


Battle’s Bar-B-Q is a liquor-free estaurant located in the same building as Campustown Liquors. Both businesses have been located at 218 Welch Ave. for many years, and both have been successful.


Matthew Goodman, operator of Battle’s Bar-B-Q, said: “I think we are the most socially, economically and culturally diverse restaurant in Campustown.”


Parizek said: “I have been doing this for close to 20years now.”


According to the Iowa Land Records, on Aug. 23, the Des Moines-based Kum & Go Headquarters bought the building that both of the businesses are currently residing. It was sold to them by the owners of the building Bart and Lori Clark.


Kum & Go has also shown interest in possibly buying the Welch Avenue post office and the building T-Galaxy occupied.


David Miller, senior vice president of Mmarketing at the Kum & Go Headquarters, said: “Kum & Go always looks for investments that meet our business interests.”


Goodman said Battle’s Bar-B-Q is working out a lease with Kum & Go to relocate. The relocation depends greatly on Kum & Go’s timing.


When asked if any changes or renovations would be made with the relocated Battle’s Bar-B-Q, Goodman suggested the possibility of extended seating capacity.


As for Campustown Liquor, there are currently no plans of relocating.


When asked why, Parizek said: “Ames has become so saturated with places to buy beer and liquor, especially since West Ames has developed. Our business has shrunk, just due to the fact that there’s so many more places to buy. Every [convenience] store, if they choose, can sell liquor now.”


Parizek continued by listing three other locations to buy alcohol on Welch Avenue within one block.


Negotiations are still in progress. There is no sure date of when the building will be torn down as of yet.


The manager of the Welch Avenue Kum & Go, directed all questions to the communications department of the Kum & Go Headquarters.


Miller could not comment on any financial transactions of Kum & Go.