Chinese restaurant offers full blown multi-lingual karaoke experience

Madison Martin

In 1986 Golden Wok, a chinese restaurant, opened on the corner of Welch Avenue and Hunt Street in Campustown. Now, not only is Golden Wok a restaurant that services authentic Chinese cuisine, it is a three story karaoke lounge. 

Shannon Zheng, assistant manager at Golden Wok, said the karaoke lounge was “added about a year ago. On the first floor is the main karaoke lounge, second floor is where our restaurant is, and on the third floor there is four private karaoke lounges.”

Also on the first floor is a counter where guests can order ice cream and tea. 

“The guests really like our karaoke lounge, each reservation for karaoke receives a free appetizer,” Zheng said.

One of the most interesting aspects of this karaoke lounge is the selection of music. 

“Karaoke guests can choose songs in a variety of languages. Some include: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Malaysian,” stated Zheng. 

Zheng added, “A lot of foreign students want to have the chance to sing karaoke in their native language.”

In the main karaoke lounge, there is multiple flat screens, including a huge main screen. It obvious why karaoke is popular at Golden Wok.

“Almost every weekend we are full with reservations. Sometimes we have ten or more reservations for the private lounges,” Zheng said.