ISU basketball player Bubu Palo accused of sexual abuse

Yempabou Palo

Yempabou Palo

Dean Berhow-Goll


Palo was released on pre-trial release with a non contact order with the alleged victim, whose name was not released. 

Palo’s attorney is Matt Boles of the Parrish Law Firm. According to online court records, Palo’s preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 24 at 1 p.m. 

A judge issued a $25,000 bond for Spencer Cruise because he was on probation when the alleged crime was committed. 


ISU basketball player Bubu Palo regarding Palo and an Ames man have turned themselves in on accusations of sexually abusing a woman in May.

Yempabou Palo, 21, and Spencer Cruise, 21, are both wanted on charges of second-degree sexual abuse for an incident that happened on May 18.

“Last May the victim came in and reported the sexual assault,” Echer said. “Through our investigation we came up with two suspects. There was evidence retrieved in a search warrant. That evidence was sent to the DCI lab just recently, got that evidence back and the charges were filed.”

A check of the online Story County inmate roster showed that both Palo and Cruise have turned themselves in and are being held on $25,000 bond.

“We were advised by the county attorney’s office two days ago that they have been in contact with both of their attorneys and that they were going to turn themselves into the Story City Jail at 9 o’clock this morning,” Echer said.

The affidavit obtained says “On 05/18/12, an adulty female victim reported being sexually assaulted by Spencer Cruise and Yempabou Palo. The victim reported that in the early morning on 05/18/12, Cruise and Palo offered to give her a ride home but instead drove her to 3421 Oakland, Ames, a house owned by Cruise’s family. The victim agreed to go inside the house with them and while inside the house, both Cruise and Palo committed a sex act by force and against the will of the victim. Evidence gathered during the investigation was sent to the State of Iowa DCI lab and both Cruise’s and Palo’s DNA was identified on the evidence.”

Palo has been suspended indefinitely by the ISU athletics department.

“I am extremely disappointed to learn of this allegation,” said coach Fred Hoiberg in a news release, “and he is suspended indefinitely for violating our department’s discipline policy.”

The athletic department said it will “continue to monitor the situation before making further decisions regarding Palo’s status.”

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