CyRide increases buses and budget for upcoming year

Aimee Burch

CyRide has added some buses to their fleet along with an increased budget in preparation for the increasing number of students present on campus.

Given the increase in riders, CyRide acquired an additional $238,500 from the Government of the Student Body. According to the Ames Tribune, CyRide Transit director Sheri Kyras said CyRide usually gets about $3.5 million from GSB.

Kyras also said that CyRide is looking at a 200,000-ride increase with the increased number of students on campus. It also means that CyRide will have approximately 63 buses on the roads, up from last year’s 59 buses.

CyRide will also be adding two articulated buses to the Orange bus route later in the semester. These buses, Kyras said, hold about double the riders of a normal bus.