Dollar Tree opens on Duff Avenue


Photo: Michael Finn/Iowa State Daily

The Dollar Tree opened on Duff Avenue on Wednesday, June 6. The store sells items ranging from party favors to frozen steaks, all of which are $1 or less.


The Dollar Tree store in Ames opened its doors to the public for the first time Wednesday.

The store, located on 207 South Duff Ave., replaced a Salvation Army store that was told to move out by the property owner, Quam Family Properties LLC of Fairview, Texas.

According to an article in the Ames Tribune, the Salvation Army store had been paying rent on a monthly basis but was unable to agree to a 5-year lease with the property owner.

The Dollar Tree saw a large amount of customers on its first day of business. The parking lot, decorated in green and yellow banners and a “grand opening” sign had a constant flow of traffic coming in and out all day long.

“We hope to give the people of Ames a good new place to shop. We have everything from toilet paper to frozen steaks. And everything is under $1,” said Nathan Cunningham, the Dollar Tree store manager.

Gary Hightshoe, a recently retired Iowa State landscape architecture professor, shopped for greeting cards at the grand opening.

“We go to dollar stores elsewhere, but this one has a great location and has good parking,” Hightshoe said. “Everything is under a dollar, but the Dollar General store is not. The Dollar Tree is a welcome addition to Ames.”