Campustown Action Association strives to attract more people to area


Photo: David Derong/Iowa State D

An aerial view looking up Welch Avenue in Campustown.

Meredith Keeler

Campustown Action Association is an organization that works to enhance the area of Campustown by cooperating with the city of Ames and Iowa State. As the end of the year is approaching, many students are itching to get home for a much-awaited summer break. CAA has big plans for this summer that will begin in June.

“Our goal is to further enhance the Campustown area for all citizens,” said CAA president John Haila. 

With big plans for the summer, CAA hopes to make strides toward improvement and attract more people to the area. 

“I think that CAA is really moving forward, and this summer will be a great time for community members who don’t make it down to Campustown a lot to check the area out,” said Chandra Peterson, secretary of Campustown Action Association.


CAA hosted the first annual Summerfest last year, and the party will return June 9. 

This event is intended to attract all types of people, showcasing the local businesses and featuring live music. One of CAA’s goals is to make Campustown attractive to everyone, not just students.

Fill director position

The city of Ames has given $25,000 to help fund a director’s position that will be a part of the Urban Neighborhood District. This will help Campustown become more well-known and successful, like the Main Street Cultural District. Although funding will be available July 1, CAA hopes to fill this position as soon as possible.

Continue to establish CAA

The association is in the process of building a website — anticipated to be completed by fal l —and reaching out to more Campustown businesses.