Glamour Glass offers creative income option


Photo: David Derong/Iowa State Daily

Cynthia Shulman, owner of Kil’n Time Studio, created a new consultant-based business that gives customers the chance to throw their own glass crafting parties in their own homes. From custom jewelry to coasters, Glamour Glass offers a wide array of crafts to make and glass to choose from.

Katie Devore

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own blown glass masterpiece, Ames has the opportunity for you.

Owner of Kil’n Time Studio, Cynthia Shulman is the creative entrepreneur behind the new enterprise Glamour Glass.

“Glamour Glass is a new business. It is in-home parties and eventually a consultant-based business,” Shulman said.

In-home parties, offered by companies like Pampered Chef and Mary Kay, provide a relaxed setting where customers can view and buy products in the comfort of their own or a friend’s home. Glamour Glass is new and different because you do not buy their products, you create them.

“Unlike any other in-home party, you don’t have to go and buy the same old bowl, candle or lipstick. You create glass from nothing,” Shulman said.

Glamour Glass customers have included ISU sororities and community groups.

Currently, Shulman is the only consultant for the Glamour Glass business. She is working with a group in Ohio to create a business plan and recruit investors so she can begin hiring consultants.

With the poor economy and high gas prices, Shulman believes this new idea is a way to help others.

“I get a lot of women in here and college students especially looking for work, and this business could be an option for someone in college looking for a business adventure. Moms can do this for extra money or they can even make a business out of it because it’s so unique,” Shulman said.

Glamour Glass in-home visits must have six to eight guests. A party lasts one-and-a-half to three hours depending on the size of the group; the cost depends on which pieces are created. In-home parties are not the only way to create Glamour Glass. Kil’n Time Studio offers the experience as well.

Kil’n Time Studio has been on Main Street for seven years and offers paint-your-own pottery, glass fusion, mosaics and parties.