Campustown anticipates construction of The Resort


Nicole Wiegand

Mark Zikra, leasing and marketing director of Campustown Property Management, explains the amenities The Resort will provide for Campustown residents and their guests at the 9/24 block party on Stanton Avenue on Saturday, Sept. 24. Among the highlights are a rooftop pool, fitness facilities and two hot tubs. 

Meredith Keeler

As the school year is quickly coming to an end, Campustown Property Management is anticipating The Resort to begin construction in May and be ready for the use by Fall 2012. The state of the art amenities center will serve as a social and fitness center for Campustown and will be located at 127 Stanton Ave.

Access to the new addition will be free to those who sign with Campustown Property Management. Some of the amenities The Resort will include are a lounge pool, two year-round hot tubs, free tanning beds, a state of the art fitness center, a lounge and an outdoor grill and fire-pit.

In addition to the amenities, The Resort has one thing that makes itself especially unique.

“One of the biggest things that sets The Resort apart is its location,” wrote Mark Zikra, leasing and marketing director of Campustown Property Management.

Because The Resort is located in the heart of Campustown, Zikra and other Campustown Property Management employees hope that it will serve as a gathering place and another option for Campustown residents to enjoy.

“No longer will the area be plagued with the bars as the only ‘social’ activity around,” Zikra said in the statement.

Zikra said that Campustown Property Management also decided to add three high quality penthouse suites to the resort. These will be located on the top floor and set aside for Campustown’s most loyal residents.

John Haila, president of the Campustown Action Association, believes The Resort will enhance the lives of people in the Campustown community.

“For the good of the overall area, I see it as a positive step,” Haila said.

However, not everyone is excited for the new center, including the previous tenants of the white house on 127 Stanton Ave.

The house is comprised of six apartments, one of which John Fusco lived in. Fusco, junior in integrated studio arts, said he had to approach Campustown after the Nine24 block party to inquire about the announcement. Once he did, Campustown gave him a few options for new living arrangements.

Fusco, who went through the hassle of moving mid-year, is frustrated that his previous home is still standing although he moved out in December.

“I’m surprised they haven’t torn it down yet,” Fusco said.  

Fusco described Campustown’s lack of proper communication and use of deceptive language as the main reasons as to why the process did not run smoothly.

Overall, as construction will begin shortly, Campustown Property Management is excited to welcome this new addition to the neighborhood and give the Campustown community not only a new look, but also a convenient way to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

“The great part about this project is that it not only benefits our residents, but it benefits the entire town,” Zikra said.