JC Penney: Customers respond to ‘fair and square’ pricing


Photo: Emily Harmon/Iowa State Daily

JC Penney launched a new pricing campaign called “Fair and Square Pricing.” The launch includes new signs and sale prices. 

Alexander Furman

More than a month into JC Penney’s national strategy overhaul, local shoppers are showing appreciation for “fair and square” pricing. In addition to slashing prices across the board, the new strategy changed the layouts of JC Penney stores to a “no clutter” system. 

“We’re still getting traffic, customers like that our pricing is clean and they like the new store layout with easy access,” said Steve Pankratz, manager of JC Penney at North Grand Mall. 

Most prices were permanently reduced by about 40 percent. Instead of navigating hundreds of sales per year, customers can expect more consistently low prices. 

“JC Penney wants to be America’s favorite store. We want to be all of America, not so-and-so America or mid-America,” said Daryl Dell’anno, general manager of Valley West Mall’s JC Penney outlet.

Prices are now categorized and color-coded by everyday regular prices, month-long values and best prices available on the first and third Friday of the month. Gone are confusing ads, crazy coupons, sporadic sales and prices ending with .99 — now, prices will round up to a flat number. 

JC Penney also will be adding new brands and revitalizing its existing brands. According to a presentation by JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson, the franchise expects to feature 30 new and transformed brands this year. Pankratz said he hopes this will resonate with college students.  

 “Ames does very well with college students; we have more fashionable statements available now and are looking to add more fashion,” he said.