Thielen Student Health Center to send out surveys to students

Lea Petersen

Survey One:

Thielen Student Health Center is sending out surveys to a randomly selected third of undergraduates.

“[The survey] will help Thielen Health Center identify areas in which our students’ behaviors are healthier than the national reference group, where we might be less healthy, along with understanding the highest-risk behaviors, and the areas of greatest need of Iowa State students,” said Lauri Dusselier, program coordinator for Prevention Services at Thielen. “This information helps Thielen develop prevention efforts that have the potential to impact many students on campus.”

Those who are selected and complete the suvery will be entered to win one of two iPod Touches.

Survey Two:

If you have visited the Thielen Health Center recently, the staff wants to know your thoughts. You can improve your Thielen experience by taking time to answer a few questions about your recent visit.

“Patient satisfaction is important to us at Thielen Student Health Center,” said Penni McKinley, quality improvement coordinator at Thielen Student Health Center. “This survey will be utilized to evaluate and improve the services offered by our health center and ensure that our programs fit the needs of our students.”

Surveys will be sent out every week on Wednesday following students’ appointments. Surveys are anonymous and no personal information will be stored with the surveys.