A new Mood for Campustown

Campustown bar patrons enjoy themselves inside Cafe Mood on early Sunday morning. The bar has been fairly busy since its initial opening in early December, but owners hope to increase their patronage over the next few weeks.

Sarah Binder

Cafe by day, club by night. Cafe Mood is hoping that equation can find success on Welch Avenue.

“Nothing really stays the same, that’s why we call it Cafe Mood,” said Richard Novencido, one of the three owners.

Cafe Mood has been open since early December as a club, and the owners hope the cafe will be operational within a few weeks.

The cafe will feature La Rue coffee, pastries and free Wi-Fi. The owners hope it will appeal to students wanting a place to study, as well as people who work in Campustown businesses.

Novencido said the space has had a major cleaning since it was Sgt. Peppers, and cleanliness was something he hopes will set Mood apart — no sticky floors or dirty bathrooms.

At night, the lights come out. The cafe has three projection systems, one to flash the nightly specials onto the window facing Welch Avenue and two to play music videos and video games, on slower bar nights. Novencido brought expertise in lighting and sound systems from his other business, Eyes in the Dark Productions

The club also features a VIP area with bottle service, several DJs and karaoke on Thursday nights.

“We definitely want everybody, when they come in, to have an experience,” Novencido said.