Tanworld now Sun Tan City


Photo: David Derong/Iowa State Daily

Tanworld, a tanning salon at 4518 Mortensen Road in West Ames, will be undergoing a name change after Sun Tan City bought out the Tanworld franchise. Prices and packages will remain the same, so employees said they expect customers will not notice much of a difference.

Mackenzie Nading

Members of Tanworld, the popular tanning salon franchise, may see a change in their salon coming the first week in November. Sun Tan City, another tanning franchise, has bought out Tanworld at the corporate level, changing all former Tanworld salons around the nation.

“There actually won’t be many changes,” said Wade Teslow, owner of Tanworld in Ames. “It’s basically only a name change.”

Sun Tan City and Tanworld are very similar franchises. Customer points packages, prices and times customers are allowed to tan will all stay the same.

The biggest difference customers will see is the ability to tan in multiple locations. Before, Tanworld customers could only tan in salons with the same owners. However, with Sun Tan City customers are allowed to tan at any Sun Tan City anywhere in the nation.

“The major reason why we’re all combining is because once it’s all complete, a customer will be able to tan at any of the 180 Sun Tan Cities in the area,” Teslow said.

Ames customers will see their salon change on Nov. 14. The shop will get a new name, new logo and new layout inside. However, the tanning experience will still stay the same.