Texas Roadhouse still on its way

Mackenzie Nading

The rumors about a Texas Roadhouse opening its doors in Ames are still as true as ever, even though not much progress can be seen on the corner of South Duff Avenue.

City Planner Sam Perry said things are still moving, eager customers will just have to be patient.

Perry said the city of Ames approved a flood plain development permit on Oct. 25 for the land owner to bring in fill — extra dirt for the construction process — but the owner’s engineer has not responded to the request for revisions to the most recent site plans. This is why the actual building of the establishment has been delayed.

“Six acres is a large site and some projects do take a lot of time in the preliminary stages when there are multiple parties involved,” Perry said.

However, Texas Roadhouse fans in Ames shouldn’t be worried. Just because the negotiations are taking longer than expected, the restaurant is still a set plan in Ames’ future.

“Neither a site plan or a building permit is approved for Texas Roadhouse at this time,” Perry said, “but just because the site plans are not final does not mean that the project is going away.”