Lorry’s Coffee joins passion for coffee, people


Photo: Meredith Keeler/Iowa State Daily

Lorry’s Coffee is one of three coffee shops in Ames with drive-thru service.

Meredith Keeler

If you sit down and talk to Lorry Ver Steeg or simply walk into his coffee shop, you can immediately see he is passionate about what he does. His easygoing, laid back personality allows him to run his business and take time to stop and chat with customers. It is evident by his character that Ver Steeg truly enjoys what he does.

“If you have the privilege of doing what you love, it’s the easiest time spent,” Ver Steeg said.

Ver Steeg is the owner of Lorry’s Coffee on Lincoln Way, which opened Oct. 18. Although this is only his first ownership, Ver Steeg has previously worked at eight different coffee shops.

Ver Steeg said he started drinking coffee in high school during the early mornings before Ultimate Frisbee tournaments. He continued to drink coffee throughout college and described that the caffeine had an immediate impact on his studies, allowing him to think faster and be more creative.

Since 1997, Ver Steeg has served coffee in various locations but says he really loves Ames. He wanted to start a coffee shop in Campustown for a while and found Matthew Goodman, his business partner, who had similar goals.

One of things they pride themselves on is serving good, quality coffee that can be made quickly. This is achieved by having a drive-thru.

“Our goal is that Campustown can have fast, great coffee,” Goodman said.

Both Goodman and Ver Steeg are passionate about bringing high-quality businesses to Campustown that still feel accessible to students. In addition to coffee, Lorry’s Coffee also offers other drinks along with sandwiches and deli items.

Aside from his passion for coffee, Lorry describes himself as having exuberance with customer service. He enjoys talking with and serving customers, which is how he has built great relationships with people in the Ames community.