Consignment store revolutionizes student involvement


Photo: Emily Harmon/ Iowa State Daily

Kristian Kline, owner of Casual Revolution, along with Brian Foddrill, points out a childhood picture that is part of the clever decoration by the children’s clothing section. Students and the community can consign their work. The offerings range from small-label clothing to handmade jewelry in an atmosphere of vintage.

Mackenzie Nading

With the economy sinking and the trend of vintage art and apparel soaring, more consignment stores are being thrown into the local shopping mix. The newest one to try its hand at consigning is Casual Revolution Fashion and Art Market. However, unlike familiar consignment stores, Casual Revolution puts a Cyclone twist into its store.

Casual Revolution is owned and operated by two ISU students, Kristian Kline and Brian Foddrill, both studying business. Both in their mid-30s, Kline and Foddrill said they decided to attend Iowa State because of the competitive job market.

Now that they are both full-time students, the owners of Casual Revolution want to help students by allowing them to sell their own items at whatever price they see fit.

“We get to offer the space and are here to help, but students can go their own way with their items,” Kline said, “We are giving them a chance to be entrepreneurial without the risk.”

Although the store specializes in vintage clothing, all ISU students are welcome and encouraged to donate their own art to be sold. The store is full of everything from handmade aprons to flashy jewelry and paintings created by students in a variety of different majors.

“We are excited about getting Iowa State students involved. First-year students to seniors donate everything from clothing to art,” Kline said.

Though anyone in the community can consign with the store, students contribute to a large part of Casual Revolution’s merchandise. 

“We’re a little more biased toward student art because we are students ourselves,” Foddrill said, “It’s our most unique aspect.”

Casual Revolution Fashion and Art Market is located on Main Street right above the American Legion Hall. The store is expected to be put together and ready to open by the middle of October. 

Eventually they also want to spotlight to the student and local artists who are selling their handmade creations.

“We want to be able to have ‘meet the artist’ type of events,” Foddrill said.

The store would allow an artist to set up an open house in their store to promote their items, explain how they make their products and meet their buyers.

Kline and Foddrill are excited to open their doors and share student art with the rest of the community. Their goal is to be unique to the Ames area as well as personal with student involvement.

“We want people to think of our store when looking for an item to take home knowing it was unique from the Ames area,” Foddrill said.