Stop dumping, start trading on

Mackenzie Nading

Everyone loves finding a good deal, but the hunt for that perfect item can be time-consuming and frustrating. Today, the Internet and online shopping make bargain hunting even easier. But what if you could also eliminate the shipping cost of those bargains and pick them up right here on campus? With, an Iowa State-specific trading website, that dream is now a reality.

“ is built for Iowa State and serves as a campus marketplace for students to trade only with other ISU students, no one else,” said Andy Campbell, founder of

The goal of the website is to reduce campus waste by promoting trading instead of trashing.

Using the site is simple. Students use their email addresses to make an account. This ensures that trading stays within campus and between fellow ISU students. Trades are then made on campus and in person so the location and people are familiar.

The website allows for messages to be sent between users to set up transactions. It is all completely free, there is no commission taken out for sale, and there are no shipping fees like on other trading websites.

To encourage more members to join, DormDumpster is issuing a gift card drawing for all new students who register. Six $50 gift cards will be given out by random drawing every time — two for every 250 students who join. Students also can earn additional entries by posting ads or referring classmates.

For more information, to set up an account or learn more about the gift card drawing, visit or