Random Goods provides place for Halloween hunting


Photo: Emily Harmon/Iowa State Daily

Random Goods is hosting a whole array of Halloween goods for costumes. The options range from sky-high heels to fur coats, pre-assembled costumes to pieces you can put together to create your own. 

Morgan Shepherd

As Halloween approaches, students find themselves hunting for costume ideas that are both creative and stand out. Ames’ new resale and costume shop, Random Goods, gives shoppers a fun shopping experience and supplies one-of-a-kind, attention-stealing costumes.

Random Goods sells an eclectic variety of things including vintage items, accessories, prepackaged costumes and everything in between.

“We sell some new, some used and some downright ridiculous things,” said co-owner Tim Gleason.

The store provides a wide variety of clothing, including American flag pants, fur coats, custom-made suits, glitter dresses, leather jackets, ISU apparel, feather boas and even a zebra-print coat.

“We want to provide a fun atmosphere. Our store is trying to be more than the average costume shop with just ready-made costumes; we’re going for the theatrics. Our niche is being a place where someone can create their own costume. We have some pretty outlandish stuff,” said Gleason as he held up adult Tweety Bird footie pajamas.

Adding to the fun environment are special features like dressing up while singing karaoke for discounts and bringing in a “costume expert” for the Halloween season.

“Lynn Lloyd, who does costuming for Ames Community Theater, will be here the week of Halloween. She has a knack for looking at a person and being able to tell what they would look good as or what they should put into their costumes,” Gleason said.

Lloyd, who owned Ridiculous Rags Consignment Shop for 15 years, has a passion for costuming and enjoys helping others find the perfect outfit.

“It’s something I love to do. There are so many fabulous things at Random Goods,” Lloyd said. “I think the best thing about finding a costume at a place like this is the fact that it is all real clothing, not prepackaged. I’m excited to help out in the store and more excited to see what costumes are popular this year.”