Letter: Presidential interviews should have been at Iowa State

I am interested to know why we conducted preliminary interviews for our next university president in Minneapolis. Really? Why? What’s wrong with campus? Are we worried that Iowa State isn’t as good as maybe these potential presidents think it is? Are we worried that students will riot or there will be an alert while they are here?

Iowa State has one of the top 10 most beautiful campuses in the country. We aren’t a bustling city, but there’s always something fun to do. We even have great concerts, plays and community events year-round. And that’s just Ames. If you go to Des Moines, there’s even more.

It’s not as if the candidates’ identities are secret. So it’s not to protect them from being revealed, should they also be applying to another university.

The regents should show off the beauty of our campus, the ease of travel to and from our community, and the courtesy and classiness of our people by interviewing the people for a job as leader of our university at our university — or at least in our state.