Familiar bar gets a new addition

Mackenzie Nading

What is a night on Welch Avenue without good food? That was the question Michael Roberts, owner of The Grub Hub, decided to answer. The Grub Hub, located inside the bar Headliners on Lincoln Way, is the newest food option in Campustown.

This is not the first time Headliners has tried to provide food at their bar —last year a smokehouse inside the establishment closed after two months in operation. Roberts, who previously ran Legends American Grill, was approached by the owners of Headliners to bring food back to the bar. Since the establishment already had the equipment to provide food, Roberts said he saw it as a good opportunity to take up food service again, considering the popularity and location of Headliners.

The Grub Hub officially opened Sept. 8, just in time for the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. Roberts said the turnout was great and the feedback so far has been encouraging.

The eatery specializes in burgers and also feature hot dogs, chicken wings, Italian grinders and more.