Dorm-room exercises

Lea Petersen

Once classes start and the work begins piling up, it can hard to find an extra 30 to 45 minutes to get in a workout. But just because the gym seems far away and “travel time” takes away from “study time,” that doesn’t mean that exercising can be forgotten like a poor exam grade.

Maintaining a healthy body and brain is essential to success. Even on the tightest of schedules, students should aim to get in some type of physical activity.

Debra Atkinson, personal training director at Ames Racquet and Fitness Center provides helpful suggestions students can apply to stay fit in their dorm rooms.

“Focus on countering the postures that you have been doing all day. Sitting, hunching over taking notes and typing are all some things that students do daily and for long periods of time,” Atkinson said. “There are many counterpostures found in classical yoga poses that students can do in the dorm room. Simple exercises include holding plank or kneeling plank. If your wrists are sore, hold plank on your elbows.”

Sitting in cramped desks and furiously writing down notes can put a lot of strain on your back. By assuming a bridge pose, students can stretch out any cramped muscles.

“Bridge is also a common yoga pose and a great stretch for your back,” Atkinson said.

For those who want to add extra muscle, free weights and resistance bands are excellent room accessories. 

“If you have weights in your room, try simple arm lifts and rowing exercises,” Atkinson said. “Resistance bands are also a fantastic way to stay in shape, they are incredibly portable and easily stored.”

Students who want to add in cardio can try jumping jacks, knee lifts and taking the stairs whenever possible.