Cyclones start fast at 2-0, prepare for Green Bay

Dylan Montz

After racing out to a 2-0 start and allowing no goals so far this season, the Cyclone soccer team will take on the University of Green Bay in a nonconference match in Green Bay, Wis.

Iowa State has shut out its first two opponents of the season and coach Wendy Dillinger said that she has been impressed with defensive play so far.

“[It is] definitely one of our strong points,” Dillinger said. “They are doing well. We are trying to work in some youngsters and get some experience back there, but we are pretty happy with what our back line is doing.”

Sophomore forward Brittany Morgan credits the Cyclones’ fast start to the amount of effort being put in during practice.

“[The practices] just consist of hard training, lots of conditioning and running off the ball with lots of movement trying to get ourselves ready for the challenges that we have coming up the next two weekends,” Morgan said.

As for Green Bay, the Phoenix have a weapon in sophomore defender Hekla Palmadottir, who scored two goals in Green Bay’s opening game against the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

“She will be somebody we address to our team in terms of, ‘This is somebody that you need to keep an eye on,'” Dillinger said. “You can’t lose track of her and you can’t give her any room, so as a team, if one of our backs is matched up on her, we need teammates to help.”

Even with a player like Palmadottir on the opposing team, sophomore midfielder Emily Goldstein said that one player won’t change the game plan for the Cyclones.

“We don’t want to just focus on one player,” Goldstein said. “We are going to have to adjust to that since she is good on the ball and can finish when she gets it, but we won’t change our game. We are just going to keep playing our style, and our defense is strong enough to be able to handle anybody, it doesn’t matter if they score two goals or haven’t scored any. We try to play in practice like we do in games so our players are prepared for games.”

The game is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in Green Bay, Wis.