Career tip: Update your resume

Daily Staff

Classes have been underway for a full week and the

nights are getting cooler. Fall is approaching at full speed and

summer is fading fast. 

The time to update your resume to include summer jobs

and internships is now, while the experiences are still fresh in

your mind. 

Doing this now will also leave plenty of time to have

a professional critique of your resume before the fall Career Fairs

in September  — check with your college’s Career Services

department to see if they offer free critiques. 

Describe your job’s responsibilities and

accomplishments with clear statements and action verbs. 

Even if your summer job wasn’t a direct step on the

way to your dream job, you likely learned something that can be

added to your resume. Did you practice leadership? Work with a team

to achieve a common goal? Handle money? These skills are applicable

to a variety of fields, and can boost your resume until you’re able

to land that dream job or internship.

If your resume includes your GPA or a career

objective, make sure those are up to date as well.

Unsure of where to begin? The College of Business’

Career Services department has an extensive guide to resumes at