More than 40 local acts releasing EPs, albums

The Ames undergound and indie music scene is continuing to grow, and this semester more than 40 local acts are releasing recordings or heading into studios.

The diversity of artists in the studio is vast, and ranges from nationally recognized acts like The Anytime and The Poison Control Center to up-and-coming acts like Lady Soal and The River Monks.

In the last few years, several studios have cropped up in Ames offering decent rates for studio time, allowing more local bands to record albums and release EPs. Dennis Haislip founded Alexander Recording Kompany in the basement of Reiman Music on Main St., Bryon and Rachel Dudley started recording bands at The Spacement in North Ames,  brothers Roy and Jesse Henceroth, who spent working in studios in Nashville,  are recording bands in their apartment and Pinnacle Records continues to record and promote local artists.

Some artists have already released albums or EPs in the last few months and others will be releasing work in the spring.


The Poison Control Center

Currently untitled

Recorded at Cook Tut Studio in Chicago and mixed at ARC in Omaha.

Album will be released in the late spring or early summer.

Will be available online, in stores and at shows.

Patrick Fleming, vocalist and guitarist for PCC, said the their will be heavy touring throughout the country in support of the album that will be released on vinyl as well.



“Tripple Trinities”

Currently recording at The Spacement

Released at the end of June

Available online, as well as cassette tape, 12” vinyl and CD.

Nate Logsdon, singer and guitarist for Mumford’s, said the band will go on a national tour in July to promote the album consisting of nine religiously-themed songs.


Christopher the Conquered

“The Fate Of A Good Man”

Recording in March and April in Ames, Des Moines and Champaign, Ill.

To be released in September

Available at the band’s website, on iTunes, at shows and in stores throughout the Midwest. Chris Ford says, “This album attempts to communicate the Truth but will inevitably fail to do so.”


Strong Like Bear

Currently untitled

Recording is ongoing at The Spacement

To be released in early fall

Bryon Dudley, guitarist for Strong Like Bear, said recording is about halfway done on the full-length album.


Lady Soal

“We Are Here”

Recorded in February at TheSpacement

Released in March

Available on CD, iTunes and on Lady Soal’s Facebook page

Vocalist SharikaSoal said the band’s first full-length album is “the story of Lady Soal from beginning to end. With each song it starts a new chapter from happy to angry, to sad to grateful.” Lady Soal will also be filming a music video for the single “Sunshine” to be released in April.



“Extra Layer”

Recorded in February at TheSpacement

To be released at the end of March

Available on CD and as a digital download.

Kate Kennedy, vocalist and guitarist for Pennyhawk, said the four-song EP will feature one new song as well as three rerecorded versions of her older material.


The Sun Company

Currently untitled live recording

Recorded live at The ARK on Jan. 21.

Released Feb. 25

Email [email protected] for a copy.

The Sun Company made the live recording at the first ever Ames City Limits concert put on by The ARK, where a live band is invited into the studio to record in front of a live audience.



The Go Easy

“Go Easy EP”

Recorded at The ARK in December

Released in January

Available for download at ReverbNation.


The BreezeWay

“The FEB Album”

Recorded during February at Roy and Jesse Henceroth’s apartment

Released in February

Available online

Roy and Jesse Henceroth, of the BreezeWay, moved to Ames last fall after going to audio engineering school and recording bands in Nasheville, Tenn. The twin brothers have already made an impact on the scene recording bands and solo acts, as well as mastering albums.


The River Monks


Recorded at Nick Frampton’s house in Creston from May to December and mastered by Bryon Dudley at The Spacement in February.

Released March 8

Available online, and will be available on iTunes and Amazon as well as streaming online until Feb. 8.

The title of The River Monks first album has a unique connection to the band’s name. When making sure the name The River Monks wasn’t taken – derived from the french translation of Des Moines – Ryan StierGoogled the name and found only one result, a photo of monks titled “Jovial River Monks.”


Old Road Riot

Currently untitled

Recorded at home in Febraury and March with help from Roy and Jesse Henceroth

To be released at the end of March or in early April

Available on iTunes and at shows.


Mike DiMarco

Currently untitled, but likely self-titled

Recording currently at The ARK

To be released in April

Available locally, possibly online.

DiMarco, who performs in The Inebriated Saints and runs sound at many shows around Ames, said the album will be acoustic with “a couple surprise non-acoustic bonus tracks.”


Thoughts of Crossing

“Someday All This Will Be Yours”

Recording began in early 2010 at a home studio and will be finished soon.

To be released in April.

Available at the band’s website, at shows and on iTunes.

Tom Hummer, bassist for the band, said the album will have a little more diversity than their last and will definitely have a post-rock feel.


Peace, Love and Stuff

“La Bohemia”

Recorded last June at Capp Audio Productions in Des Moines.

Hard copy to be released in early April.

Available at ReverbNation and at shows.


Volcano Boys

Currently untitled

Recording started last year at Midday Studios in Des Moines and at Liberty Palace Studios – the Liberty House – and is ongoing.

To be released this summer

Available at shows.

The Volcano Boys is Jordan Mayland’s first full-project since Keepers of the Carpet – he currently plays in The Wheelers and Nuclear Rodeo as well – and he said the album will “rock balls.”


The New Bodies

Currently untitled

To be recorded in Iowa during late spring or summer.

To be released in the fall.

Available at the band’s website, on iTunes, at shows and in central Iowa stores.


Jordan Mayland and the Thermal Detonators

“Jordan Mayland and the Thermal Detonators II”

Recording is ongoing at Mayland’s home studio and will be produced with Phil Young at Liberty Palace Studios.

Release date has not been set.

Mayland said the album will have more of a classical feel than his first album, composed of jazz and pop piano songs. The album is also being recorded to half-inch tape, instead of digital.


Jim Coppoc


Recording this semester at The ARK.

To be released on iTunes in the future.

English professor and poet Jim Coppoc will record a spoken word album of covers – poems written by others but read by him.


Against the Grain

Currently untitled

Recording is ongoing at The ARK

To be released in late summer.

Available online and possible at Reiman Music.

Dennis Haislip, who owns and runs Alexander Recording Kompany and sings in 35 South, will be releasing a solo album that he said he has been working on for some time.


The Longshadowmen

Currently untitled

Isaac Norman, singer and guitarist for the duo, said the band intends to record and release an album this year and is still in the planning stages.


Jen McClung

Currently untitled

English professor Jen McClung is currently writing material for an album, to be recorded and released in the future.