Cupcakes to appear on late-night Welch Avenue


Photo: Logan Gaedke/Iowa State Daily

Tamara White, of Ames, arranges cupcakes on a display Friday. Pookie’s Cupcakes plans to operate on the weekends, starting in March, and will carry their signature “Pookie” cupcake as well as one special each weekend. Photo: Logan Gaedke/Iowa State Daily

Sarah Clark

Sugar, sprinkles and frosting … Oh my!

A new vendor is headed to town, and your sweet tooth will definitely be interested.

Jessica Hay, senior in speech communication, and Tamara White, senior in performing arts, are the masterminds behind the newest addition coming to Welch Avenue: Pookie’s Cupcakes.

Beginning as a joke between the two girls, Pookie’s Cupcakes slowly emerged into a reality, and the girls now have hopes of bringing “handheld happiness” to everyone in the Ames community.

Pookie’s target audience is college students. With many cupcake choices for less than one dollar, Hay hopes Pookie’s will become the after-bar hot spot for Welch Avenue veterans who can spare some change for a late night treat.

Pookie’s is also available for catering events, and Hay is looking forward to collaborating with sororities and fraternities for their own events and even charity events.

“It’s our ultimate goal to use this stand to better the community and give back all of the support we’ve been given,” Hay said.

Pookie’s will be using street vending as their current approach, but Hay and White also have hopes of establishing a more permanent location.

Also, Pookie’s is currently in search of a commissary kitchen, which will serve as an external location where they can bake their goods before transporting them to the stand.

Pookie’s will be holding a kick-off event Friday, Jan. 14, at the first floor booth in the Memorial Union from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. They will be offering free cupcakes and informational pamphlets. Pookie’s is encouraging students to come out, get a free cupcake and submit any ideas they have for the business.

Pookie’s is currently open for catering needs, and Hay hopes to be up and running for business on Welch Avenue by March 1. Until then, Pookie’s is taking suggestions on their Facebook page for everything from flavors and frosting ideas to kitchen locations.

Hay and White are eager to get the business going and hope that Pookie’s can grow into an Ames tradition.

“Students do have the power to start something meaningful. What starts as a crazy idea truly does have potential to be great,” Hay said.

Visit Pookie’s Cupcakes on Facebook or at for more information.