Editor’s note: This is week 14 of the Iowa State Daily’s season-long Gridiron challenge. Each week, the Daily’s three football reporters and the sports desk columnist will choose the winner from seven college football games around the country and provide commentary on each game.

Jake Lovett: 53-38

Chris Cuellar: 51-40

Jeremiah Davis: 51-40

David Merrill: 47-44

No. 24 Northern Illinois vs. Miami

Jake: Northern Illinois – Miami (1-11 in 2009) is the MAC’s Cinderella story. Too bad Jerry Kill hates pumpkins.

Chris: Northern Illinois – Does the name Chad Spann mean anything to you? Well, it probably won’t ever mean anything, but he should have 3 TD’s against the Redhawks.

Jeremiah: Northern Illinois – Remember when Big Ben was at Miami and they hardly ever lost? That was the last time I heard about them.

David: Northern Illinois- While Eastern Michigan is a terrible, horrible football team, the Huskies showed that they are the top dog in the MAC. Look for them to roll in this one.

Illinois at Fresno State

Jake: Illinois – The Illini lost five games by a total of 50 points. Fresno State lost to Boise State by 51.

Chris: Illinois – These teams like to tackle like Britney Spears likes underwear. Expect a ton of points, and Scheelhaase for the win.

Jeremiah: Illinois – The last time Fresno State was relevant was when David Carr was their quarterback. Yeah, that David Carr.

David: Fresno State- I’m sticking with the dog being winners thing on this one. Fresno simply has too much offense for Illinois to handle.

No. 2 Auburn vs. No. 18 South Carolina

Jake: Auburn – When Cam’s dad finally found out his son was eligible, he went out and bought the boy something reallllll nice.

Chris: Auburn – Auburn won this game when Cam turned down Spurrier’s offer for a box of visors in exchange for Newton’s services at quarterback.

Jeremiah: Auburn – I’ll try the reverse jinx again. I’m just not as good at it as Bill Simmons. A man can hope though.

David: South Carolina- Am I the only one that wants to see TCU play for the national championship? I certainly hope not. Give the “little guys” their chance.

No. 1 Oregon at Oregon State

Jake: Oregon – Who wouldn’t love to see the Ducks wear a Civil War-themed uniform in this one?

Chris: Oregon – Prepare for a month of hyperbole about the Duck offense, as they toast the Beavers for some style points.

Jeremiah: Oregon – This Ducks team is the most exciting thing to come out of Oregon since Steve Prefontaine’s horrendous mustache.

David: Oregon- The Ducks just have to have an OK defense because they score every possession anyway. That’s good enough to beat the Beavers and advance to the title game.

No. 20 Florida State vs. No. 12 Virginia Tech

Jake: Virginia Tech – The Hokies have won by 21 points a game since that awful, awful loss to James Madison.

Chris: Florida State – Jimbo Fisher has been waiting years to borrow a game plan from James Madison University. It’ll come through.

Jeremiah: Virginia Tech – While Jimbo might be the greatest football coach name ever, Beamer Ball will continue to roll in this one.

David: Virginia Tech- The Hokies are playing well right now and will easily handle the Seminoles who kind of stumbled their way into the championship game.

No. 10 Oklahoma vs. No. 13 Nebraska

Jake: Oklahoma – The Cornhuskers haven’t won the Big 12 since Taylor Martinez was in fifth grade. Seriously.

Chris: Nebraska – If this is anything like last year’s game, Bo is gonna go Ron Artest on Taylor Martinez’s dad. Martinezezezs.

Jeremiah: Oklahoma – I’d be completely okay with fixing this game, just so Nebraska is guaranteed no chance of leaving the Big 12 with the title.

David: Nebraska- Cody Green will probably start at quarterback again, but Rex Burkehead and Roy Helu Jr. will wear down the Sooners defense and leave the Big 12 on a high note.


Jake: USC – With a win, the Bruins could put a serious damper on USC’s postseason plans. Oh … Right.

Chris: USC – Why bring NFL to L.A. when both these coaches have flipped it off? Has there ever been a bigger pissing contest at the Rose Bowl?

Jeremiah: UCLA – When Bruce Pearl is making fun of you for what kind of person you are, you’ve done something special.

David: UCLA- Can the Trojans fall any farther after losing to Notre Dame? Oh yes, yes they can; and they will.