FACES of Ames promotes community, local businesses

Micaela Cashman

FACES of Ames 2010 will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Bandshell Park.

FACES, which stands for “Families of Ames Celebrate Ethnicity,” aims to encourage diversity within the city of Ames and offer opportunities for residents to connect with each other as well as local businesses.

Entertainment at the Bandshell stage will take place all day, and businesses, nonprofits and community groups will have booths set up, complete with information and activities.

The event is free for businesses to participate. The businesses have their logos included in a FACES brochure. Currently, 40 businesses are scheduled to take part, and that number is anticipated to grow.

“This year, we have a range of businesses that will be participating in FACES of Ames,” said Josh Kriz of United Ames. “Local food businesses such as Cuppy’s Coffee, Chocolaterie Stam and Ames British Foods are already signed up and will be selling a variety of food. Other businesses such as Wheatsfield, a cooperative grocery store, and Elbert Chiropractic, whose business has been in the Ames community for over 30 years, will have a booth.”

Kriz said Ames businesses participate in FACES because “they help make Ames a diverse and unique community.”

One of the main requirements for businesses to take part in FACES is having an interesting activity for attendees to enjoy.

“We don’t want it to just be a typical event where you are just paraded from booth to booth,” Kriz said. “We see this as an all-day activity for you, your family and friends to learn more about our community.”

He added that he is encouraging businesses to come up with a unique activity by offering awards such as the “People’s Choice,” in which everyone will vote on their favorite booth.

“If people are willing to take the time on a Saturday in October to come out and learn about Ames, we want to provide them with an opportunity for a great experience,” Kriz said.