Fox 1 Lounge closed due to flood

Micaela Cashman

The Fox 1 Lounge, a bar and lounge on South Fifth Street, is closing for good due to flood damage.

Because of the massive amount of floodwaters that ran into the building Aug. 11, thousands of dollars worth of food and alcohol were ruined, and the building’s structure was severely damaged.

The Fox had been an Ames institution for about 27 years, but the flood of 2010 showed no mercy to the longtime Ames businesses.

Also taking a huge hit was 20th Century Bowling, and as of yet, there has been no word of whether the popular hangout will close.

The 300 to 500 block area of South Duff Avenue has been impacted by floodwaters five times. The city of Ames will not pick up flood debris, so those businesses trying to clean up must either pay a contractor or haul loads out to the Resource Recovery Plant themselves, which costs up to $22 per load.

Talk of property managers closing many businesses on South Duff is circulating, but none have been able to comment at this time.