Primaries: Tom Fiegen

Health care: Fiegen believes a person’s access to health care is a human right. He supports a public option that would be the equivalent to Medicare, but available to all in the United States.

Medicare is simple and straightforward and delivers a quality product for a reasonable price. I believe that this system could be adapted to serve our whole country, according to Fiegen’s website.

Energy: Fiegen has three goals for energy. First to redesign our economy to produce items closer to the consumer.

Shipping products, especially food, clear around the world makes little sense if we are doing it with a finite polluting resource, according to Fiegen’s website.

Second, to continue the drive to make homes and modes of transportation more energy efficient, and third to continue improving bio fuels.

“If we are serious about alcohol as a fuel source, we either need to come up with a new process for converting corn to sugar, or we need to switch to higher sugar crops that can be digested by yeast more inexpensively and more cheaply,” Fiegen said.

Background: He has taught college-level economics, and earned a degree in law and Masters in Economic at the University of Iowa.