Ames police missing key piece of evidence in Raven Gileau death investigation

Rashah Mcchesney

After reviewing five of the six tapes from Union Pacific Trains that passed through Ames the night ISU student Raven Gileau died, Ames police have been unable to find the train that hit her.

Police Cmdr. Mike Brennan said Gileau’s injuries were consistent with those of someone who had been hit by a train, but the tapes, which are low-quality and grainy, do not show the exact time, or train, that hit her. 

One of the trains had a video camera that was malfunctioning or had already looped over the footage, so that footage was not provided to Ames police.

Brennan said that train’s footage may have shown Gileau being struck, but he couldn’t be sure.

“It would certainly be nice to have some kind of video of what happened and that may or may not exist, but it would certainly clarify some things,” Brennan said.

Police are still waiting on both the autopsy and toxicology reports to return to help determine the exact circumstances surrounding Gileau’s death.

“We’ve got one or two [investigations] left,” Brennan said. “But the bulk of them are done.”

Gileau is survived by her parents and one brother in Woodbridge, Va.