Businesses gather to attract students

Kyle Peterson

Editor’s Note: This story was initially published on Feb. 16, 2009.

If students think they need to head to bigger cities like Des Moines or Chicago for a great job and a fulfilling career, the Ames Chamber of Commerce intends to prove them wrong Wednesday.

Right Here Right Now, co-sponsored by Young Professionals of Ames, will gather more than 20 of Ames’ top business leaders for a series of workshops geared toward students. The professionals, who inhabit fields as varied as banking, public relations and renewable energy, will speak in eight panel discussions concerning career opportunities in Ames.

Megan Backman, program manager for the Ames Chamber of Commerce, said the speakers will discuss the “great opportunities here for people to start their careers,” and “why they chose Ames for their career.”

“Consider a career in Iowa, that’s really the whole goal of it,” Backman said. “Consider sticking around.”

The event will be held at the Scheman Building from 2 to 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Backman said Iowa has a lot to offer and students post-graduation.

Tips for attendees

Do RSVP, to [email protected]

Do come with questions

Do feel free to come and go

Don’t dress up — it’s an informal event, jeans are fine

Don’t need to bring a resume