I love the funny

Stefanie Buhrman

Monday night was filled with laughs and shocks as the first speaker for Veishea week brought in a comedy routine that poked fun at the celebration for its controversial issues.

“You got your wristbands? I am as upset about this as you. I am furious about this wristband policy. I almost didn’t do the show tonight … I was so upset about this wristband policy,” said comedian Michael Ian Black.

Black, the Veishea lecturer this year, opened up by hitting home with ISU students as he came on stage Monday night, where he started off by talking about the recent Facebook exchange between a student and a Veishea co-advisor, which he thought was hilarious.

Black discussed everything from the Cyclone mascot to politics during his stand up in the Durham Great Hall of the Memorial Union.

“Why are you called the Cyclones and your mascot is a bird? Is it a long story? Is it a bad story?” Black said.

Reactions from the audience ranged from laughter to gasps of shock.

While audience members shouted out responses dealing with old football games, Black learned a little bit of ISU history himself and learned a lot about the ISU pride the crowd displayed.

“I’m told you have a terrible football team, but that you beat Iowa this year. Ultimately, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?” he said.

The audience cheered approval as he talked about how amazing it is when the Cyclones beat Iowa, but if Iowa beats Iowa State it’s a no-brainer.

Moving to other life experiences of his, Black discussed his dislike for Christian rock music.

“Did anyone see me listening to Christian rock? It’s terrible. It’s like Jesus snuck up on you,” he said.

Although Black has dabbled in screenwriting and television, he is best known for being a comedian and often being featured on TV. However, his comedic charm has not always been appreciated by those who don’t know him.

Black told a story about how a woman who asked him at the airport if they would be loading soon, but the plane wasn’t there.

“I said ‘only if we are traveling in wonder woman’s invisible jet,'” he replied to her.

He said she gave him a weird look.

Other topics that related to college-age students included Black’s talking about sex and what a waste sperm is. While you may only use plentifully-produced sperm once or twice in a lifetime, more flavorful options, such as fudge, Diet Dr. Pepper – which “tastes like regular Dr. Pepper” – or guacamole-flavored semen would serve much greater purposes.