Wish upon your own, named falling star

Stefanie Buhrman

Whether it be a romantic gesture, the ideal gift for a friend, or maybe just for a little bit of self-gratification, buying a star to name as you please can be an exciting, expensive extravaganza. With practically endless opportunities of packages and prices, here is a breakdown of some Web sites where you can buy a star.

StarRegistry.com – This site comes with three basic options for registering a star. The custom package, which goes for $54, comes with certification, a map with your star circled, an astronomy booklet and a letter congratulating you on your new star. The deluxe package for $99.95 includes a framed certificate and includes a wallet card with the name and coordinates of the star. On top of that, there is the ultimate package for $144.95, which comes with a framed star map. There are also couple’s stars available.

CelestialRegistry.com – This site features the standard package for $39.95, the executive package for $64.95, the oak-framed package for $79.95 and the gold-framed package for $84.95. The standard comes with a certificate, letter of registration, a star map and a copy of Sky Watch magazine, all in a vinyl envelope. The executive package includes the contents in a padded presentation folder. The oak-framed package and the gold-framed package come just as they sound – framed in oak or gold.

StarMonkier.com – Get a star named for $18.95 in three simple steps: Name your star, dedicate it and set the date. Enter in your billing information and print off your certificate. Mission accomplished!

StarDeed.com – Here, you name your star, insert a message and can even choose to have a signature line if your star is for someone else. Enter in your information and for $39.95, they will send you a certificate, a Star Gazette with information about your star and a custom star map.

StarNamer.org – You can get a printable certificate with your star name and location for $19.95. You also get a star chart, a software CD to help you locate your star and your certificate in a diploma-style folder for $39.95. For $69.95, you get it all plus a gold-leaf frame for your certificate.

FreeNameAStar.com – A cheap alternative to the above, it offers immediate results. You can name and dedicate your star for free. For a couple of extra dollars you can choose which hemisphere your star is in, or even which astrological sector. For another $10, you can opt for your star to be visible by the naked eye. All stars are visible through a telescope. After a quick response to a confirmation e-mail, receive sudden gratification as you print off your own certificate with the name of your star.