You can’t buy love on eBay

Stefanie Buhrman

With everyone looking for love, online dating has become a common option for people to find it. There is an endless list of dating Web sites out there, but knowing which one to pick can be an arduous task. Here is a quick look at a few of those dating sites and what they ask for to help find that perfect match.

Immediately upon joining OkCupid, you create a screen name and enter general information such as gender, orientation and the type of relationship you’re looking for – short-term or long- term dating, pen pals or friends. A self-summary must also be created. After that, OkCupid asks for a personal photo. To get matched up with people, there are over 30,000 general tests. There are also “Match Me” tests to get paired up with specific people. A word of advice: Do not hit refresh throughout the signing up process because it will start over completely – but this sign up process is relatively short.

If you’re looking to sign up for eHarmony, set aside some time for it. The registration process is simple, but there are a lot of questions – and following every question, they ask “How important is this to you in your match?” Questions range from self-rating how stylish, beautiful, shapely and sexy you feel to what emotions you feel on an average day. They even ask if you ever feel plotted against. Don’t be tempted to answer the same “somewhat” for each question if you get frustrated – eHarmony will know you are cheating. Even after uploading a photo, the profile is still not complete. You’re still required to give your “Must Haves/Can’t stands” for a relationship and verify your identification, then there’s introductory information for you to read.

After just filling out your preferred age range, sexual orientation and the area where you live, you can look at matches right away – but you have to register with an e-mail address to view match profiles. It is a quick and easy process. Then you fill out a personal profile, which can be done at your leisure. It asks for favorite hangout spots, favorite activities and common interests wanted for a match. Then you enter information about likes and dislikes – children, pets, favorite color, etc. It also asks about turn-ons and turn-offs. Upload a few photos and start searching.

The nice thing about PerfectMatch is that it is very clear on how much is to be filled out from the get-go. There is a little pie chart on the side that shows how much more you have to fill out. The site uses a testing method called “Duet Analysis” and asks questions about personal energy, romantic impulses, outlook on life, predictability, flexibility, decision making, etc. Then it describes how similar people are matched up. It then shows you what types of people complement you.

This site was significantly different when it came to its personal questionnaire. It asks if your ring finger or index finger is longer, which pictures of people smiling seemed phony or real and what doodles you draw when bored. It also had a couple of exercises to try to make two objects the same size (it was harder than it looked!). Answer questions about wants and needs for relationships and upload up to 25 photos. Once that is complete, you view matches and let the people at Chemistry know how interested you are with their slider bar. A match could be between “fizzling” or “sizzling”.

This is a completely free online dating site. Just fill out a simple personality test – it does not even have to be filled out to get matches. You might be in the middle of answering the questionnaire and have an instant message pop up. After the personality test, an in-site e-mail will appear showing all your matches based on your answers. The questions were simple, with only two choices for answers: “agree” or “disagree.” You might have to re-adjust your age range specification to get matches, however.

On the LavaLife Web site, after putting in your age range specification, living area and sexual orientation, you get a sneak peak at a match. Register and answer a few questions about an ideal date, conversation topics, how friends describe you and other interests that you have.