Virtual giving latest way to express holiday spirit

Stefanie Buhrman

With millions sent, virtual gifts have been leaving their mark not only online, but on people’s hearts. Here are a few places to get virtual gifts to send either with a small fee or none at all.


With the addition of this Facebook application, members can send small icons -from a golden goose to a box of chocolates to a “mom” tattoo – to all their favorite online friends for $1

a piece. Short on cash? There are free gift applications as well, but gifts can only be sent to other users of free gift applications.


Similar to Facebook, users of LiveJournal can select from a different set of icons to send to their best friends for $0.99. At certain times of the year, LJ donates a portion to of profits to charity.

Upon entering this web site, visitors see a giant reminder that it is “the thought that counts.” Here, people can send free virtual gifts of vacation places, famous musicians, actors and even a favorite meal.

These realistic pictures can be enough to send anyone on a binge-eating frenzy. The virtual delicacies are sent for free, but there is a section for buying actual chocolate for those who need the real deal.

Not all gifts are meant to make a person feel warm and fuzzy. Here a gamut of categories appear after finding the “Send Card” link. The cards, which are free, are little crude – so viewers beware. And who can resist a good “Yo mama” joke?

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