Let’s Talk: long-distance relationship

Sierra Hoeger

  • Taylor Ferrere:

    • “We met in high school, so we were together for about 2 and a half years, and we actually broke up going into my sophomore year, we were actually apart for 2 years, we actually got back together in September of my senior year, so we’ve actually just celebrated our 6 months back together”

    • “So basically when we met he was a senior in high school and I was a junior, so I guess for the first 2 years we were long distance. I go home to see him during breaks, and I got to see him during summers, and all of that, and I get to Skype him at night when I’m dong hw ,and we text and Snapchat, so constant contact”

    • “He graduated from Harding University, in Arkansas, so he’s back in OshKosh, Wisconsin to finish his CPA because he has 9 more credits to sit for the CPA”

    • “It really sucked, I’ll be honest, but what you really miss is seeing them everyday. When you have a really tough day with classes or at school, you kind of just want to go home and unwind, and just be next to the person. Like what I really miss with this whole long-distance thing is the close proximity, just looking over and seeing their face , leaning on their shoulder, that’s just the nice thing about having someone their you can depend on”

    • “When i was a senior in high school, what he had done was, his mom had actually brought in a small vase of roses and a card. This might be the first Valentine’s Day we’re actually together for again, so what we’re going to be doing is a Skype “date dinner”

    • “Something that we now do that we didn’t do in the past is we Skype on a regular basis, since we can’t be next to each other, we do everything we can to pretend to be next to each other. And so if I’m doing hw, then I’ll skype him and he’ll just be playing video games and I can look over and he’ll be right there. It’s the best thing we can do to make it work and for now, it’s just what we do to keep the spark alive”

    • “I guess don’t be afraid. just because you’re far away from each other doesn’t mean you should stop loving each other. You fell in love with them for a reason, so don’t forget that reason, you shouldn’t ever stop romancing them because they’re not next to you. Just do everything you can to always let them you know you love them”

    • “We really like going on car rides, honestly, we like holding hands and driving and just listening to music. We like playing video games with each other, that’s nice, we like baking with each other. Nice stuff just relaxing with each other.