Student Health to get new image

Gabe Davis

Students will soon see all the ISU Student Health Center has to offer. The center received a matching-funds contract from the university marketing department to help start a new advertising campaign. James Nelson, director of the Student Health Center, said many students “don’t know what we have here.””I want to dispel the myth about our doctors,” Nelson said. “We do have nine real doctors including family practice, psychiatrists, sports medicine and an ears, nose and throat doctor.”Carole Custer, director of University Marketing, has been running the matching-grant program for 10 years. The program was established to help different departments in the university “make their services clearer, build community awareness and clear up misunderstanding,” she said.Nelson applied for the grant in August and since then has been working with Custer and advertising agent Kent Mauck, owner of Mauck & Associates, 516 3rd St., Des Moines. Mauck has a contract with Iowa State to do all of its advertising, Custer said.The campaign will take full effect over the next month, Nelson said.”We will be creating a brochure directed at incoming students, so they are aware of all that the health center has to offer them before they even get to Iowa State,” Nelson said.The health center also will advertise in the Iowa State Daily and on Cy-Ride buses. The purpose of all of this is to remind students of all of the benefits the health center has to offer them, Nelson said. In 1997, ISU students voted to have the health center built to provide an on-campus facility for primary-level medical needs, Nelson said.”Students can come in for check-ups with doctors and don’t have to pay a thing,” he said. “The prices for everything here are very competitive for the high quality and very accessible services that we provide.”Nelson said the building is very clean, beautiful and accessible to students. “We are here to take care of students,” he said. “If you receive care at the center, you can put it on your university bill, or on family insurance or insurance that the center provides if you are signed up for it.”All students pay a semester health fee of $51 and a health-center building fee of $8, which goes towards paying off the building, Nelson said. Students pay for the services — they might as well use them, he said.The process of improving the public’s view on the health center is not a quick thing, Custer said.”Keeping awareness up of what they offer and who they are is an ongoing process,” she said. “Our main purpose is to make sure that students are aware of the services provided by the Student Health Center.”