Alumni remember ISU during Family Weekend

Jill Pearson

For many students, attending Iowa State is a family affair.

“I had such a great experience at Iowa State that I would sell anyone on it, just like I did Jenny. I feel obligated to let her know what a great place ISU is,” said Corey Munson, 1994 ISU graduate in political science. “It gets in your blood.”

Munson’s sister Jenny is currently an ISU freshman in elementary education.

Ray Klemmensen, 1972 ISU graduate in chemical engineering, said he looks forward to the football game since his memories of the university include Iowa State’s first bowl game with former ISU Football Coach Johnny Majors.

Klemmensen, whose daughter is a junior, said he has season passes to Iowa State and continues to support the Cyclones every year.

“Our family’s blood runs red and gold, and many of our good memories stem from great chats around the grill at tailgates, or from being huddled in the van together before a big game in November, or going to Brookside on a beautiful fall day and throwing the football to every member of the family,” said Lori Adams, 1976 graduate in physical education. “We have 32 years of academic years at Iowa State in our family and we’re looking forward to the decades of fun together enjoying the people and events that keep us connected here.”

Curt Wahle, 1978 graduate in animal science, said he enjoyed the camaraderie he found at Iowa State the most when he was a student.

Wahle, whose daughter Amy is a freshman, said he doesn’t think the campus has changed much since the 1970s when he was a student.

Munson also said the people at Iowa State are what keep fans and students returning to the university.

“It all comes back to the people you meet,” he said.

Munson said Family Weekend serves an important role for both ISU students and their parents.

“It’s the folks’ chance to know you’re OK and that you are surviving, especially your freshman year,” he said. “Then they can go home and relax until they see you over Christmas.”