Reefer gladness

Paul Lepert

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is beginning to become known on the Iowa State campus. The second meeting in support of creating a chapter on this campus took place on Dec. 2 at Dharma Records.

The group is forming on this campus to challenge current marijuana laws in this country concerning the ares of medical, industrial and recreational use. If marijuana were legalized for medicinal use, millions of people could ease the suffering attributed to diseases such as cancer and AIDS. If marijuana were legal for industrial use, the loss of valuable forest land could be curbed. By harvesting one acre of marijuana for use in paper production, four acres of forests could be saved. If marijuana were legalized for recreational use, the injustices of jailing and subsequently ruining lives for minor “offenses” would be stopped. Is it a crime to smoke a plant that grows naturally in the wild of which the use does not harm others?

The chapter also hopes to educate and inform the public and to reveal the truth about marijuana by uncovering the lies and misconceptions displayed in the media. An example of misleading media propaganda is the recurring advertisement in the Iowa State Daily saying, “Marijuana: It makes you respond to ‘hey stupid,’ ten seconds slower.”

Users and supporters need to stand up and join together to make their voices heard. With the joint effort of ISU students, the injustices of current marijuana laws could be brought to the forefront of political debates.

For more information on current marijuana laws and the national NORML organization, check out their Web site at

The hundreds to thousands of marijuana smokers and supporters at ISU should join together in the creation of an ISU NORML chapter. Please attend the next informational meeting at 8:00 p.m. on Dec. 16 at Dharma Records. Show your support as this group begins to take off. Hope to see you there.

Paul Lepert


Journalism and mass communication