Move yourself, the band earned their seats

Chris Reimann

In response to freshman Adam Aurther’s pathetic whining about the band: I say, move yourself. There are plenty of other sections devoted to the student body, so go sit there.

I was in the marching band for four years.

The year after I left, the administration decided to move the band to the endzone, just so that the students could have more room.

I realize the students feel they have a right to those 13th rows because they pay for their tickets.

Granted the band gets in for free, but they pay for it with 14 hours per week of practice and game time!

Most bands in the Big 12 actually get paid or receive scholarships in addition, but not ISU, all they get is a seat and one measly little credit hour added to their semester.

So, Adam, who is more deserving of those 13 rows?

You and your fanatic friends or 250 plus hardworking ISUCFVMB members who have contributed more than anyone, except perhaps the cheer squad.

Chris Reimann


North Platte, Neb.