Student Government to hold spring joint meeting with Ames City Council


Alex Connor/Iowa State Daily

Mayor John Haila and senators listen during the joint Ames City Council and Student Government meeting Wednesday.

Kara Gravert

Student Government will be hosting their spring joint meeting with Ames City Council to reconvene on issues and solutions surrounding community bridging projects and the Campustown plaza.

The meeting, open to the public, will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.

The meeting’s agenda includes updates on topics outlined in the fall’s joint meeting, including sustainability and greenspaces in Campustown, and the community bridging projects, “I Love Ames Day,” initially presented in the last joint meeting, and “Student Community Planners.” 

The final topic listed for discussion includes updates on the Campustown Safety Walk. In the previous joint meeting some participants said they never received feedback, nor were notified on any results of their participation in the previous year’s safety walk.

The annual Campustown safety walk is held by Campustown Action Association partnering with the Ames Police Department. The walk is open to students and faculty alike in an effort to identify spaces that may pose some kind of hazard.

Ames Mayor John Haila said the lack of feedback was the result of an unobservable process.

“Infrastructure issues are noted and forwarded to the departments where they would be handled,” Haila said. “Letters are also sent out to property owners. The safety walk allows us to have a checklist rather than generating a large report.”

It was decided in the last meeting that results from the safety walk would be communicated to the Ex-Officio Ames City Council Liaison Allie Hoskins to be made available to past participants.

Public relations officer Susan Gwiasda said city council continues to participate in Student Government meetings to allow students an opportunity to reconnect with Ames representatives, ensuring lines of communication stay open.