How to find fashionable winter wear on a college budget


Photo courtesy of Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright, senior studying apparel, merchandising and design, thrifted most of the outfit pictured including her Carhartt hat, which was found for $3 at an outdoors store.

Sierra Hoeger

Maintaining a sense of style in the wintertime can be a challenge.

A common goal of those looking to enhance their winter style is to be both fashionable and warm at the same time.

“I would suggest keeping it basic and adding a lot of layers,” said Sarah Wright, senior in apparel, merchandising and design and co-editor in chief of Trend Magazine. “A big trend that I’ve seen take off this year would be layering pieces over turtlenecks.”

Finding clothes that match one’s style on a college budget can be a challenge as well. Thrifting is also a trend that has become increasingly popular within the last few years, and a smart way to not only help your wallet, but also the environment.

Goodwill, Stuff, Etc. and The Salvation Army are all popular places to find a pair of “mom” jeans, quirky graphic tees and more. 

“I am a big thrift store shopper, especially for winter clothes because I like to keep such basic pieces. It’s a logical place to shop while I’m trying to afford tuition,” Wright said.

As for the latest trends this winter, Carhartt has proven itself to be both a functional and fashionable brand to stay warm.

“Carhartt is a typical workwear brand that has taken off within the millennial closet. The brand was founded in 1889 for a market of blue-collar workers, so it’s interesting to see it take on such a new and different demographic,” Wright said.

While the snow may come and go, winter trends typically stay the same each year. One prime example is turtlenecks. If you can thrift one with a cute design, bonus points. Another cozy classic is cabin socks — fuzzy on the inside, cute on the outside.

However you decide to keep up with the trends this winter, being both warm and economical are two of the biggest factors one has to keep in mind.